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Search of Similar Files is a powerful utility for search of similar files on disks. Easy-to-use interface allows to narrow source and target groups of files for comparison from one file to several disks. You may use criteria of file similarity in any combination. Filters of inclusion and exclusion allow to considerably narrow the number of viewed files by their size and time of modification. While viewing the found similar files you may set the display of relationship between them and also sort files by name, folder, size or time of modification. The found similar files from target group can be selectively deleted or moved to the specified folder. Main Features 1. You may set source and target groups of files for search of similar files. 2. Criteria of file similarity may be set in any combination. 3. Filters for inclusion and exclusion of files. 4. Selective deletion and moving of files. 5. Search of similar files among the already found files. 6. Adjusted viewing of found similar files. 7. Simple and friendly user's interface.

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